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Essential Files
VPX 10.5 All in One Easy Installer
03/2019 All-in-one (almost) installer (VPX10.5.0, VP9.9.5, VP9.9PM5(updated Plunger/Accel/Surround MOD), VP9.2.1, VP8, VPM3.1, DMDext, X/UltraDMD, B2S, DX9webinstaller, Core.vbs scripts). Open the zip, run the VP5setup.exe file, enjoy. VPX 10.5 is a Unified Installer which contains everything you need except Tables and ROMs. It installs VisualPinball, VisualPinMAME and all needed additional files in a matter of seconds and contains VP 8, 9 and X in order to play different versions of Tables. Important: Vista and Win7 Users must use the 'Run As Administrator' Option. (Installer and Visual Pinball.) Need Help? IRPinball Help Link
Future Pinball Setup
(Version Installer for Future Pinball
Visual Install Pack
(Version 8.1 2.1+NT, 3 Click) Released 08/02/09, Installer for Visual Pinball AND required files for Visual PinMAME
Visual Pinball 8.1 exe file Version Released 11/11/07
Visual Pinball 9.1.2 exe file Version 9.1.2
Visual Pinball 9.1.5 exe file Version 9.1.5
Visual Pinball 8.1.1 Full Install Full Installation, Released 11/11/07
Visual PinMAME (Version 2.3) Released 12/24/10, Required for ROM emulation in solid state tables
VBS Scripts (Version 3.27 Released 12/28/07) Required for ROM emulation in solid state tables
emCORE v4 and WolfCams v3 Updated on 05/23/06 By Greywolf, For anyone making an EM table, if you're at all interested in authenticity, you need these routines. Includes cam engines for Bally, Gottlieb and Williams. Core 4.2, Cams 3.2
VPMIDI Required for tables with MIDI music
DMC2 Required for tables with MOD music
Bass.dll update Fixed bass.dll for use with DMC2
VPDisco DMD program for original tables
All fonts All the fonts needed for VP tables in one zip (Upd 6/24/04)

VP Front Ends
VPLauncher Link
VP-Man Link
VPFace VPFace final (ver 1.6.2)

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