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Update 12/2016, Registering no longer allows file uploads by default, if you need to upload files, Register and send us an Email with your UserName.

If you registered before March of 2016, you need to register again, all of the old User Names are no longer valid.

If you plan on uploading a modification to an existing Table, You must have prior approval from the original Author or wait 30 days after trying to contact them!
This documentation must be included inside The Table Info, script or zip or Rar files. Modifications received without documentation will be deleted and not added to the site. Please upload tables inside of Zip files, feel free to upload screenshots.

Recreations are added to IRPinball, other recreations can be found at Pinball Nirvana.

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Buffalo Bill 1950
Reecreation in VP811 of "Buffalo Bill (1950 Gottlieb)" made by Romolo
    Download16 2.47 Mb 02.05.2017 22:50 romolo2002
Buffalo Bill SS.jpg
    Download16 120.35 Kb 02.05.2017 22:50 romolo2002
Carombolette SS.jpg
    Download11 91.36 Kb 02.10.2017 23:34 romolo2002
Carombolette Unknown
Made by Romolo, Carombolette combine the attributes of billiards, bagatelles, and Pigeon Hole tables.
    Download17 2.7 Mb 02.10.2017 23:34 romolo2002
Total Space Used: 5.38 Mb

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